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SJRA knows the best in patient care requires the best technology. We are committed to being the leader in bringing imaging technology to our area. All SJRA equipment is certified by the American College of Radiology.

Our facilities provide the latest imaging technologies with a program of constant equipment upgrades. Our MR scanners include the most advanced in the world, the Siemens Skyra and Verio 3T systems. Our 1.5 T systems include advanced Siemens and GE systems. SJRA remains the only area practice to offer the extensive array of MR coils to precisely match each body part with the appropriate coil. Such coils include knee, wrist, ankle, breast, torso, head, and spine as well as more specialized coils.

Our multidetector CT scanners include advanced dose protection systems. Our CT scanners include the advanced dual-source technology of Siemens Medical Systems which is regarded as the optimum for cardiac imaging.

All mammography is digital, and SJRA is the first site in the area to offer Tomosynthesis, popularly referred to as 3D mammography.

Ultrasound systems include an array of advanced software tools and the transducers to correctly image each body area. Powerful Doppler technologies are used in imaging blood flow and tissue vascularity.

We bring the first SPECT-CT scanner to the area for advanced nuclear medicine studies. SJRA offers two PET-CT scanners.

SJRA has been the technological leader in our area for 70 years and in conjunction with our staff of board certified specialist physicians has allowed us to provide an unparalled level of care to our community.

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