3-Telsa Open Bore Verio MRI Scanner Imaging Revolution
Published on December 12, 2008.


South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA) is pleased to announce our latest MR scanner, the ultra-high field open bore VERIO. This new magnet design by Siemens Medical Systems brings together the concept of ultra-high field 3T MR scanning and the open bore technology pioneered on the 1.5T Espree magnet available at SJRA Turnersville.

With two-thirds of American adults being overweight, the healthcare industry has been challenged to develop larger imaging systems while improving quality. Currently, patients too large to fit inside the bore of a high-field MRI magnet have image studies done in open MRI systems with low-field magnets. This limits the diagnostic usefulness of the studies. The field strength of a magnet is measured in units of Tesla—the higher the number, the higher the field strength. The higher the field strength, the better the quality of the images produced. The Siemens open bore VERIO has an opening of nearly 2.3 feet in diameter and almost one foot of free space between a patient’s head and the magnet. It also features the shortest 3 Tesla magnet available; just slightly longer than 5.5 feet.  One of the benefits to ultra-high field open bore MR versus traditional open scanners is faster scan times with better resolution. For example, a brain MRI takes 45 minutes to scan on a traditional open scanner. That same study can be done in 15 minutes on a 3T system with better image quality! Body regions that cannot be imaged on traditional open systems, or with limited quality, can be scanned at high resolution on the VERIO.

The VERIO is located at our Voorhees and Washington Township offices. SJRA was selected by Siemens to be an international show site for this magnet based on our commitment to state-of-the-art imaging technology and sub specialized physicians designing our scan protocols.

SJRA is excited to be one of the few sites worldwide and first in our area, to bring this important new technology into clinical practice. At SJRA, we are indeed, leading the way in diagnostic imaging.

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