Early Detection Is the Best Medicine But Laughter Helps Too!
Published on June 6, 2016.


Part 3 of three part series. See the first two installations here: Making the Switch to SJRA and I Had No Lump, But I Had Breast Cancer.

When SJRA patient Christy was diagnosed with breast cancer, she used laughter and a sense of humor to get her through the difficult challenges in the journey.

SJRA: Why turn to laughter during breast cancer treatment?

Christy: Well, for one thing, it was so much better than crying. Crying was draining and, honestly, it took an emotional toll on me. It’s true; laughter really does release endorphins. For me personally, I found I was in a better mood and coped better with the breast cancer when I was laughing rather than crying.

SJRA: Did anyone laugh with you?

Christy: Oh yes, everyone in my family and friends too! As I mentioned before, when I read the letter from SJRA asking me to come back for additional views after my 3D screening mammogram, I completely panicked. And I mean heart-stopping panic! I’m not joking when I say I put 15 years of casseroles in the freezer. I knew I was completely overreacting, but my family and I chuckled every time I cooked another casserole and stuck it in the freezer. The laughter provided much-needed relief from the tension.

I also have a dear friend who accompanied me to doctor’s appointments on several occasions. Laughter can be contagious, so she always made waiting at the appointments fun, and would say or do something to make me laugh. She knew laughter would calm me down and provide some relief from the stress of surgery and breast reconstruction. Somehow, sharing laughter with her made me more resilient and stronger. Even the plastic surgeon added to the fun with his upbeat personality and wild reading glasses. I began to look forward to my treatments.

SJRA: Any memorable laughing moment?

Christy: Breast cancer and breast reconstruction really aren’t funny. But sometimes you just have to laugh at a situation, no matter the gravity of it. And I definitely found some levity when I was “shopping” for new nipples and areolas. When it came time in my journey to choose, I joked, “I didn’t know they had double-stuffed Oreos for an option!” Seriously, laughter helped ease my anxiety when the decisions I faced became overwhelming.

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