Rita Wilson’s News Underscores Importance of Biopsy in Diagnosing Breast Cancer
Published on April 28, 2015.


By Norma E. Roth

Big screen and Broadway actress Rita Wilson announced that she recently underwent bilateral mastectomy after a diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma. Most startling about her news was the revelation that pathology from her breast biopsies initially found no cancer. Only after Wilson sought a second pathology opinion was cancer confirmed.

Breast biopsies, routinely performed at South Jersey Radiology, are an important first step toward confirming the presence of cancer. Wilson’s situation spotlights how this critical diagnostic tool can save women’s lives. Normally, a specific biopsy is recommended depending on the size, location and other characteristics of the breast tumor. Wilson reportedly had a surgical biopsy.

At SJRA, a team of board certified, dedicated breast imagers (who are experts in their field) perform core biopsies using stereotactic, ultrasound or MRI guidance, and cyst aspirations with ultrasound guidance.

Why have a breast biopsy performed by a South Jersey Radiology breast imager? Breast imagers provide a higher level of clinical expertise and experience in the different breast cancer screening and diagnostic methods, which include breast biopsies. This is important information to remember if you or someone you know requires a breast biopsy.

Initial diagnosis, second opinion, peace of mind…count on the care and expertise of SJRA’s board-certified breast imagers and state of the art technology.


SJRA Blogger Norma Roth

About Norma E. Roth

Norma E. Roth, a breast cancer survivor, is a freelance journalist for health wellness and sustainable living. She is an advocate for annual mammography screening, believing early detection is the key to cancer survival. You can learn more about her at

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