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Published on July 28, 2015.



By Norma E. Roth

Mammography is the single most effective method for detecting breast changes that may become cancer long before physical symptoms can be seen or felt. Your annual mammogram is an important tool for optimum breast health and can also save your life. So it’s important to know: your mammogram is only as good as the radiologist who reads it.

A breast imaging specialist is not your ordinary radiologist, but a specially trained physician in the interpretation of screening and diagnostic mammograms including 3D Digital Tomosynthesis (now available at South Jersey Radiology Associates).

Dr. Catherine Piccoli, graduate of Harvard University Medical School, co-director of SJRA’s Women’s Imaging Centers and featured expert in Pink Ribbon Journey, commented,

“South Jersey Radiology patients receive double the confidence when their mammogram is read. SJRA is staffed with both general radiologists AND dedicated breast imaging specialists, all of whom are highly skilled in reading mammograms. South Jersey Radiology patients can be confident that our radiologists have the experience it takes to get the results that matter.”

Dr. Piccoli added, “Every once in a while, we review a case that requires a team effort to look at a study more closely. Our patients have the comfort of knowing that, if necessary, we will deploy (in-house) multiple eyes, knowledge, training, experience and expertise to safeguard their health.”

“Every woman is unique. Every mammogram is unique,” said Dr. Piccoli.

“And not every mammography center is the same either,” adds SJRA CEO William F. Muhr, MD. “I believe our hiring practices are – bar none – the best in the country. Not only do we hire the best radiologists and breast imaging specialists from the most prestigious medical schools, but we also procure the most advanced diagnostic technology in the world (for early detection). We are extremely adept at and proud of the art of medicine we practice here. Seven days a week, we take what we do here very seriously. That’s the South Jersey Radiology difference.”

Co-directors Catherine Piccoli, MD and Sherrill Little, MD, have more than 20 years of experience in breast MRI and breast biopsy. They lead a team of dedicated breast imaging specialists that includes Renee Kendzierski, DO; Nikki Ariaratnam, MD; Beth Blumenthal, MD and Anne King, DO.

So when it’s time for your annual mammogram, consider the expertise, technology, and convenience that make SJRA unique…select SJRA and leave the worry behind.

Early detection is key! Make your appointment today using the clickable 24/7 appointment badge at the top of every page on South Jersey Radiology’s web site. Simple.


SJRA Blogger Norma Roth

About Norma E. Roth

Norma E. Roth, a breast cancer survivor, is a freelance journalist for health wellness and sustainable living. She is an advocate for annual mammography screening, believing early detection is the key to cancer survival. You can learn more about her at

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