Thanks to SJRA, Getting a Mammogram Has Never Been Easier
Published on August 13, 2015.


By Norma E. Roth

Are you struggling to find time to schedule your annual mammogram appointment? Have you skipped your mammogram because of your hectic work and home schedules? South Jersey Radiology recognizes that you shouldn’t have to choose between work, family, and taking care of your personal health.

If you work during the day, or spend your day taking care of children or aging parents, don’t worry. SJRA’s nine women’s centers offer mammogram appointments for you in the early morning, the evenings, and on Saturdays. Please note that our Women’s Centers are clearly marked on our website “Location” link with Pink Ribbons and our 3D Mammography Centers are also clearly identified on this page.

Screening Mammogram:

A screening mammogram is the more common mammogram that women schedule annually; it helps the radiologist identify signs of cancer that may be undetectable through a physical exam. A screening mammogram is available at all nine SJRA Women’s Centers.

Diagnostic Mammogram:

A diagnostic mammogram is done when the patient has signs or symptoms – for example, a palpable breast mass, pain in a breast, discharge from the breast, among other observations. A diagnostic mammogram is also done when a screening mammogram reveals a potential abnormality. The diagnostic mammogram zeroes in on the region questioned on the screening. Most often these questioned abnormalities are not serious, but they do need to be evaluated to exclude potential early cancer. Many times a diagnostic mammogram is accompanied with a breast ultrasound. If you need a diagnostic mammogram, three SJRA Offices offer evening appointments: Voorhees, Turnersville, and West Deptford.

3D Mammogram (also known as Tomosynthesis):

3D Mammography is the latest technology for breast cancer screening, providing radiologists the ability to identify and characterize individual breast structures without the appearance of overlapping tissue. 3D technology, used for screening and diagnostic mammograms, provides peace of mind, fewer callbacks and early detection. 3D Mammograms are available at SJRA’s Voorhees, Greentree (Marlton), West Deptford and Cross Keys (Sewell) Women’s Imaging Centers. (There is a $50 co-pay but most women will share that it is well worth it; after all, they spend that much for a salon service!)

Hours and Locations:

SJRA leads the way, offering state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic capabilities and convenient patient hours and locations. SJRA is eager to accommodate your schedule by offering its easy-to-click 24/7 appointment badge on every webpage. Click HERE for a complete listing of SJRA Offices with daytime, evening, and weekend hours.

Breast cancer, the most common cancer diagnosed in women in America, is the most curable cancer when diagnosed in its earliest stage. A mammogram is the most effective method for detecting breast changes that may be cancer long before physical symptoms can be seen or felt. For this reason alone, you should never skip your annual mammogram because you’re too busy. Imagine what could have happened to actress Rita Wilson, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, if she had skipped her annual mammogram because of her busy schedule.

Early detection is key; for appointments, please book online (click HERE) or call 1-888-909-SJRA (7572).


SJRA Blogger Norma Roth

About Norma E. Roth

Norma E. Roth, a breast cancer survivor, is a freelance journalist for health wellness and sustainable living. She is an advocate for annual mammography screening, believing early detection is the key to cancer survival. You can learn more about her at

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