Cat Scan/CT Scan

Computed Tomography (CT Scan/Cat Scan) is available at our Voorhees, Turnersville, Route 73, Haddonfield, Washington Township and Greentree (Marlton), Cross Keys and West Deptford offices.

What is a CT/CAT scan?

CT scanning, or “CAT” scan, stands for Computerized Tomography. This is an imaging method which uses X-ray, along with powerful computers, to generate high resolution images of any part of the body.

CT scans are routinely used to gather diagnostic information about the brain, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. It is also a highly effective way to gain information about the skeletal system. Data obtained by a CT scan has long been a mainstay of modern medicine, helpful in detecting a wide range of abnormalities such as tumor, infection, broken bones and inflammatory conditions like appendicitis.

Depending on the indication, contrast material (which can be given orally, intravenously, or both) is used to help distinguish between different tissues and pathology. In some clinical scenarios 3-D images are created to assist in the diagnosis.

SJRA has a long history of using the latest and most technologically advanced imaging equipment. Combining cutting edge technology with highly trained radiologists, the dedicated CT specialists at SJRA have the ability to identify abnormalities anywhere in the body.


All scanners at SJRA are of the multi-detector variety, which is the newer, more advanced technology. SJRA remains one of the few sites in our area offering dual-source CT technology, the Siemens Definition CT scanner. This advanced equipment can create images of the heart with a speed far superior to traditional 64 slice CT scanners. For more information, please visit


SJRA is excited to bring to the Delaware Valley a unique partnership with Siemens Medical Solutions. SJRA has been selected as a reference site by Siemens Medical, bringing to us the latest in CT technology. As part of this relationship SJRA has had the privilege of hosting visitors from around the world to see our technology. We are proud of the confidence shown in us by Siemens Medical and our patients.

What preparation do I need for my CT scan?

You may be asked not to eat or drink for several hours before the examination. Contrast material may be given by mouth, sometimes beginning the night before. In other instances, intravenous contrast is given at the time of the examination so that structures can be better identified. A history of contrast allergy should be reported to our staff prior to the procedure.

CT examinations available at SJRA
  • CT Abdomen
  • CT Angiography (to evaluate the inside of the coronary arteries and blood vessels)
  • CT Bones
  • CT Chest
  • CT Head/brain
  • CT Neck
  • CT Pelvis
  • CT Spine
What is a CT scan like?

A CT scan is painless. The procedure may take anywhere from less than 10 seconds to a minute or two. You will be placed on a table which enters a large machine with a round opening. At various times, you may be asked to hold your breath. You also will be asked to remain motionless at various times for brief periods when images are being acquired.

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