Keystone HMO Network Doctors

Keystone HMO works with network doctors to get the best pricing on health-care services including medical imaging. South Jersey Radiology are in-network providers for Keystone HMO health plans.

What does it mean to be in-network? Network providers agree to specific rates with insurers for specified services. When scheduling a procedure, always make sure to review your coverage to determine what your policy covers along with any co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance amounts you must pay. For most HMO plans, authorization by the primary care physician is needed. If you need diagnostic imaging tests, schedule an appointment with SJRA today!

SJRA Accepts Keystone HMO Insurance Plans

Understanding your healthcare insurance plan will prepare you when you need necessary health care procedures such as diagnostic imaging. By learning about the insurance process, you’ll be able to determine what steps to take when using your insurance, what out of pocket costs you may incur for medical imaging and how to handle the entire claims process with our offices.

Because South Jersey Radiology belongs to the Keystone HMO network, you can choose to use our facilities for your radiology services. We’re here to help you schedule your appointment to get the testing you need. Contact us today to get started.

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Choose SJRA for Affordable Medical Imaging

Many of our patients choose South Jersey Radiology because of our convenient locations close to home and office as well as how much they appreciate our caring attention to their entire experience with our company. Additionally, independent imaging centers are typically much more affordable for diagnostic imaging when compared to the fees related to having procedures completed at the hospital.

Hospitals typically have long waits for diagnostic imaging. Add in the higher cost of testing (up to 4 times more expensive), and it just makes sense to choose an independent provider.

When you need diagnostic imaging, schedule your procedure at one of our outpatient radiology centers, and experience the difference!

Keystone Network Doctors

Keystone HMO Network Providers

Keystone HMO plans are part of Independence Blue Cross. With these plans, members can visit any doctor or hospital within the Keystone network. Every member chooses a primary care physician, who coordinates care. The physician treats for general health needs and then gives referrals to specialists when needed. Any care received outside of the Keystone network is not covered by the plan (except for emergencies).

Because SJRA are network providers through the Keystone network, radiology diagnostic services are covered when patients obtain referral from their primary care physician for the necessary testing. Prior to scheduling an appointment with SJRA, it is vital that you obtain authorization for the procedure (s).

The SJRA Process for Handling Insurance Payments

The American College of Radiology awarded SJRA the “Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence.” SJRA was the only company chosen in the region for this prestigious award. We commit to providing patient-centered care to everyone who seeks services with us.

SJRA has 12 locations throughout southern New Jersey to provide routine and specialty radiology services including MRI, Ultrasound, 3D Digital Mammography, PET scans and more. Please refer to our locations page (at right) to find a diagnostic imaging office near you.

Plan your visit to SJRA

South Jersey Radiology Diagnostic Imaging Services Near Me

Book Appointment Now with South Jersey RadiologyOur locations are conveniently located throughout southern New Jersey to make it easy for you to find an office close to your home or work.

If you’re looking for diagnostic imaging services by doctors that accept Keystone Insurance, SJRA is here to serve you. Review our services page to learn more about our various testing and screening options. When you are ready to schedule your procedure, simply click the “Book Now Online” icon at right.

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