PET / CT Scan

LIMIT your carbohydrate intake for 24 hours prior to your PET/CT exam.

YOU MAY HAVE; Green Leafy Vegetables (broccoli, Brussel sprouts, string beans, lettuce, etc), Cheese, Eggs, Meats (pork, beef, veal, chicken, any kind of seafood), Coffee, Tea (limit artificial sweeteners to 1 to 2 servings the day before your study).  Limit Milk to 1 or 2 glasses the day before your study

DO NOT EAT; Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, Bread, Cereal, Fruits, Sweets, Cakes, Soda (Limit diet soda to 1 or 2), Cough Drops, Cough Medicine, Mints, Gum.

The Day of your study:

DO NOT eat for six (6) hours before your test, but you may drink up to 12 ounces of water 4 hours prior to your appointment.

If you are Diabetic:

  • If you are scheduled BEFORE NOON, do not eat after midnight, but you may drink up to 12 ounces of water four hours prior to your appointment time. If you are on oral hypoglycemic medication or insulin, do not take your morning dose until the test is completed.
  • If you are scheduled AFTER NOON, you can eat breakfast and take your regular morning dose of diabetic medication with your meal. You may have 12 ounces of water four hours prior to your appointment. Do not eat high carbohydrate containing foods for breakfast such as cereal, juice, milk, etc. Eat non-carbohydrate items including eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. It is preferable for someone to drive you to and from testing.


24 hours’ notice is REQUIRED if you cancel or reschedule your study. Failure to notify us may result in a radiopharmaceutical recovery fee, not billable to your insurance company.

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