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At South Jersey Radiology Associates, we perform breast biopsies using 2D mammography, 3D mammography (including tomosynthesis-guided [3D] biopsy), ultrasound, and MRI. Each modality provides us with different information about the breast tissue and we may use one or all to help us make a diagnosis. Armed with the latest diagnostic imaging equipment, we can detect even the smallest abnormality or the slightest change in breast tissue.

A core needle biopsy is performed to rule out cancer in an abnormal area of breast tissue. A thin, hollow needle is used to remove a small amount of tissue from the breast. At SJRA, we perform core needle biopsies using imaging technology. The radiologist or breast imaging specialist will locate the abnormal area of the breast using mammography, MRI, or ultrasound technology. The images help guide the biopsy equipment to the suspicious area of the breast – hence, the terms MRI-guided biopsy, ultrasound-guided biopsy, and stereotactic (mammography-guided) core needle biopsy. Core biopsies are minimally invasive procedures; therefore, the risk of developing any complication is very low. After the biopsy has been completed, a small metallic marker (called a “clip”) is placed at the biopsy site to mark the area for future imaging. Core biopsies can be performed at one of our comfortable Women’s Centers in Voorhees and Turnersville. (Many other healthcare providers offer core needle biopsy only in the hospital setting, which is more costly and less convenient for the patient.)

You will receive a local anesthetic, after which a needle is placed into the breast to sample the abnormal area of tissue identified on imaging. No sedation is required for a core biopsy and you do not need to have someone drive you home following the biopsy.   The procedure takes about an hour from check in to check out and you will leave with just a few small bandages over the biopsy area. There may be some tenderness in the breast the evening following the biopsy; most patients require no more than a mild pain reliever such as Tylenol. You can resume normal activity in 24 hours and there is virtually no time lost from work.   The scar from the core biopsy is very small; most patients have no scar at all.

An MRI-guided core needle biopsy uses MRI as the imaging modality to guide the physician to the abnormal area. All breast MRI’s are performed with contrast medium, which enables the radiologist or breast imaging specialist to visualize the abnormal area of enhancement. Stereotactic breast biopsy uses mammography to help locate the abnormality.

More often than not, a biopsy reveals healthy tissue. There are a few instances in which we may want to watch an area over time and we will suggest that you follow up with us in six months so we can watch for changes; or, we may recommend you consult with a breast surgeon because the area needs further attention. We are vigilant about your health. Early detection is key, especially with breast cancer. Early detection also often prevents over treatment. Breast cancer, the most common cancer diagnosed in women in America, is the most curable cancer when diagnosed in its earliest stage.

South Jersey Radiology Associates (SJRA) has been designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. We’ve achieved that prestigious designation by earning accreditation in digital 2D mammography, 3D mammography (tomosynthesis), 3T MRI, ultrasound services, and biopsy services using every breast imaging modality. Opt for excellence by making an appointment at one of SJRA’s Women’s Imaging Centers: Cherry Hill, Cross Keys (Sewell), Greentree (Marlton), Haddonfield, Turnersville, Washington Township, West Deptford, and Voorhees (Carnie Blvd. and Bowman Drive). You can rely on South Jersey Radiology’s experienced team of expert radiologists and breast imaging specialists. Use the clickable 24/7 appointment badge at the top of every page on South Jersey Radiology’s web site:

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All of our centers are fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.

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