CT Arthrography (Any Joint)

CT Arthrography in South Jersey

What Is A CT Arthrography?

CT Arthrography is a type of CT/CAT scan that generate high-resolution images of the inside of a joint (e.g., shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle) to evaluate joint abnormalities and to help diagnose unexplained joint pain.  In direct arthrography, a contrast material (dye) is injected directly into the joint. In indirect arthrography, the dye is injected into the bloodstream.

What Does A CT Arthrogram Detect?

A CT arthrogram is a special type of CT scan that is used when assessing the structure of cartilage in joints and ligaments. Unlike an MR arthrogram, a CT arthrogram can detect cartilage lesions and fractures more efficiently. If a patient is unable to receive an MR arthrogram, a CT arthrogram can be conducted instead.

How Do I Prepare For A CT Arthrogram?

A CT Arthrography study has very similar preparation to a general CT scan. Usually, patients will not be required to fast prior to the appointment and can continue taking their current medications. Consult with your referring physician or our team at SJRA for more information here.

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