MR Angiography

MR Angiograms in South Jersey

What is MR Angiography?

MR Angiography is a noninvasive imaging technique that couples the latest imaging technology with powerful computers to generate images of blood vessels. MR Angiography can be performed using MRIs, CT, or fluoroscopy. MR Angiography does not utilize any form of radiation. In some cases, contrast material (dye) may be used to highlight the particular area being scanned.

What Does MR Angiography Detect?

MR Angiography studies examine blood vessels to detect abnormalities through out the blood stream. These abnormalities can include plaque buildup, heart disease, aneurysms, and others. Usually, MR Angiography studies are ordered to view key areas of the body such as the brain, neck, heart, chest, and out extremities.

How Do I Prepare For A MR Angiography Study?

Preparation for an MR angiography is almost identical to that of a normal MRI scan. Your referring physicians and our team of imaging experts at SJRA will provide guidelines that require an outline of what can and cannot be done prior to your study. You want to avoid eating or drinking prior to your appointment based on a timeframe given to you by your physician. Avoid wearing any clothing or accessories that contain metal such as zippers, buttons, belts, and so forth. If you have metal implants in your body, inform our staff at SJRA and we will take the necessary precautions to make sure you have a comfortable MRI scan.

SJRA MR Angiography Locations

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