PET / CT Scan

PET/CT Scans in South Jersey

Young Female Technologist Operates CT Scan For Female Patient

What Is A PET/CT Scan?

A Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/Computed Tomography (CT) scan is a breakthrough technology that enables physicians to diagnose and locate disease quickly and accurately.  This scan combines both technologies together into a single sophisticated scanning system. Both PET and CT scans are utilized as an early detection method to a variety of illnesses related to organ and tissue health.

The combination of PET and CT scans together will increase patient comfort because the examination time is shorter, produces results in less time than required by using separate procedures, eliminates the “wait and see” approach because accurate, comprehensive information becomes more quickly available to your doctor. Another benefit is more rapid initiation of the best possible treatment, while potentially avoiding the need for invasive procedures such as biopsies and/or exploratory surgery.

What Happens During A PET/CT Scan?

After you arrive at SJRA, a radiology technologist will prepare to insert an IV into your arm or hand to inject a radiotracer. A radiotracer is used to highlight the particular organ or section of tissue being examined. After roughly 60 minutes, the radiotracer will reach the correct area and the examination will begin. During this time, you may be asked to drink contrast material to further help the radiologist interpret the images from the scan.

Once the radiotracer reaches its destination and the contrast material is present, you will be asked to rest on an examination table while the PET/CT scanner starts the imaging process. The imaging process takes about 25 minutes to complete.

How Do I Prepare For A PET/CT Scan?

There is very minimal preparation for a PET scan. Your referring physician and our team of imaging experts at SJRA will provide you with guidelines to follow based on your medical history. Generally, you are require to fast for a certain period of time prior to your appointment. Medications can be continued to be taken unless advised otherwise by your referring physician. If you have any questions, reach out to your referring physician or our team at SJRA here.

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