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Prostate MRI in South Jersey

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What Is A Prostate MRI?

A prostate MRI is a type of MRI scan that utilizes specialized tools and technology to collect advanced images of the prostate. The prostate is responsible for removing urine from the bladder as well as seminal fluid production. A prostate MRI can help diagnose infections and detect prostate cancer.

A prostate MRI scan does require special preparation. Patients will need to purchase a Fleet Enema and Gas X tablets from their local pharmacy. Before the day of your appointment, you should eat a light diet. Avoid eating hard to digest foods such as steak, pasta, or spicy food. Before bedtime, you should take one Gas-X tablet.

On the day of your appointment, do not eat or drinking anything three hours before your appointment. You should take one Gas-X tablet during the morning before your appointment. Use the fleet enema two hours before your appointment. If you have any questions, reach out to your referring physician or our team of experts here.

Benefits of Prostate MRIs

  • Minimally invasive imaging study in comparison to uncomfortable endorectal coils used in the past.
  • Provides images of the prostate to help diagnose infections and complement the images captured by other imaging studies including virtual colonoscopies.
  • No radiation is utilized.

Our Prostate MRI Locations

We offer evening hours and weekend options that work with your busy schedule. Same-day appointments are often available.

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